the Love Sick stack ®
Product Description:

PROMISCUOUS- a beautiful color changing violet-blue! Use it alone, or combine it with black to reveal a completely different shade!

FIXATED - a gorgeous matte grey inspired by one of our favorite lipsticks, Space Cake, so pigmented and cool you have to see to believe 

AMELIE- a perfectly peachy gold, you'll want to add it all over Cheeks! Highlight! Eyes! It glistens and glides on with ease

LOVE SICK- a beautiful ultra-matte burgundy-red ...inspired by our most popular lipstick 6six6! 

These are all our favorite accent colors in one palette. We dare you to use all 4 in one look! <3


Product Details:
  • - Availability: In stock
  • - Vegan Shades: Fixated
  • - Non-Vegan Shades: Promiscuous, Love Sick, Amelie
  • - Tags: #meltlovesick

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*Beginning March 2016, Promiscuous and Amelie are no longer vegan. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to source an ingredient.
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