Old About Page

Do you want to know the details of our colorful lipstick filled lives?

Lora & Dana are no ordinary girls.

Dana is from Sin City…

Lora, the glitzy, glamorous Los Angeles… what??

With many years of experience in the Make-up and Entertainment industry, we know what we like!!

We are opposites but we shared the same vision of the perfect lipsticks. We constantly talked about what this imaginary lipstick would look and feel like… 

Then one day, a light bulb went on! DING! Let’s make them!...


Melt Cosmetics!! 

We combined the most ultra-matte texture with the most vibrant colors.

Cruelty free! So don’t fret, PETA!

These babies have most amazing vanilla cake scent, you’ll want to eat them!

We have been brewing, planning, and perfecting the formula and colors for a very long time.

We have a passion for lipsticks and makeup and everything in between.

We hope these make you melt…

This is just the beginning.



The Little Aliens