Nightmare Palette Bundle


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    A 10- shade palette starring Santa Jack featuring matte and metallic textures inspired by colors from the scenes in Christmastown. A delightful array of toppers in glittering shades. Bright reds, greens and purples that will leave you feeling nostalgic at a glance!

    PALETTE COLORS: (bottom to top)

    - SMITHEREENS: matte emerald green
    - MISTLETOE: a sheer glittering topper with a mint green sparkle
    - EUREKA: matte chartreuse
    - EXPERIMENTS: a sheer glittering topper with champagne & green sparkle
    - SUGAR PLUM VISIONS: a sheer amethyst purple packed with electric blue sparkles
    - BONEY FINGERS: metallic deep violet with blue and pink sparkles
    - CHRISTMASTOWN: matte deep violet
    - NIGHTMARE: matte deep burgundy
    - SANDY CLAWS: matte crimson red
    - NO ONES DEAD: pale matte white

    An eyeshadow palette starring Oogie Boogie, with 10 rich matte and metallic tones pulled from our favorite scenes and characters in Halloweentown. Dip into 4 unique blues inspired by your favorite rag doll, Sally! Pinks and purples, a sparkling orange and cool chartreuse. Your new favorite palette SCREAMS Halloween!

    PALETTE COLORS: (bottom to top)

    - GONE AGAIN: metallic burnt orange
    - OOGIE BOOGIE: metallic chartreuse
    - OOZE: deep teal blue
    - SHRIEK: teal matte
    - RAG DOLL: matte sky blue
    - MAUSOLEOUM: metallic seafoam
    - THE MAYOR: muted rouge
    - WORMS WORT: electric purple with pink sparkle
    - MY BUGS!: matte lilac
    - BONE DADDY: deep matte plum


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