Lydia Brush Set 

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    A set of 5 two-toned black & white makeup brushes with levitating Lydia and an ornate lace design wrapping around the black metal handles, inspired by Lydia and her iconic lace veil. Ultra-soft synthetic, black & white bristles that are textured to grab pigment like natural hair — Vegan! The set comes in an elegant faux leather sandworm clutch style makeup bag.

    Round Detail Short #28 - Dense, short brush hairs with a rounded edge. Use this small shader brush to pack on color and create fully saturated details.

    Medium Shading #29 - Dense, medium length brush hairs with a rounded tip that allows this brush too pack on color and also blend your shadow to create shading.

    Detail Blend #830 - This small, fluffy brush tapers to a domed head. Blend with precision.

    Lip Brush #516 - Flat bristled lip brush tapers to an arrow point tip. Create sharp, clean lip lines and perfect the cupid’s bow.

    Tapered Blend #820 - A long haired fluffy brush with a high-tapered oval head. Add color into the crease and blend.

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